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Southern Dutch BBQ is Tom Raes and Dorine van Geffen. This power couple started back in 2012 with a blog to share their barbecue adventures with the rest of the world. In their journey to know everything about American Barbecue they found out about KCBS competition barbecue. In 2013 they cooked their first contest. That was their turning point in life. Hooked and addicted ever since they compete around the globe, striving to get the best protein on the plate for the judges.

Thanks to the urge to get better every day, Tom and Dorine are trained by the best pitmasters in the USA, including Tuffy Stone and Travis Clark.

Their mission nowadays is to breath, feel and live barbecue every single day and bringing their passion and knowledge to everyone who is interested to learn about the culture or the sport. Barbecue and competing is more than a passion, it’s their way of life. Barbecue brought them to places they would never have visited and has made friends for life.

We are Southern Dutch Barbecue. Thank you for looking us up

We only work with the best

  • Our Sponsor since day 1. Vuur en Rook is the biggest Low & Slow BBQ store in Europe. They have the finest sauces, rubs, injections, but also hardware like cookers and all accessories you need to be the best pitmaster: From backyard cook till competition cook, they got all you need! A visit at their store let you feel like a kid in the candy store.

  • In our opinion the best charcoal briquettes in the world. Made from coconut shells makes them environment friendly. Next to that their quality is highly consistent, burn very long and and produce just 6% ash. Their square boxes make them easy to transport as well. For us only pro’s on this product. Next to that is Kasper a lovely guy to deal with.

  • Voted as the best pork in the Netherlands. And we can only agree on that. Amazing flavor with a great tenderness let us produce our award winning Pork. Available at the better (online) butcher shops. Their intramuscular fat is out of this world. You really should try it!

  • Nice to meat imports the finest Japanese Wagyu as well as some beautiful American and Australian meats. We are grateful they provide us with their fantastic Creekstone beef. Amazing company who supplies a lot of Michelin star restaurants as well as some high-end chains. We have never met so many passionate people in 1 company.

  • Our partner in production of seasonings and our preferred supplier for chicken. Also the manufacturer of the famous Jalepeno Cheddar sausage. On same location as Vuur en Rook.


Competing for over more than 5 years in KCBS barbecue, Southern Dutch BBQ is one of the winningest teams in Barbecue from the Netherlands.

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  • 2013

    1 contest

    Reserve Grand Champion, 1st BBQ Society Cook-Off

  • 2014

    4 contests

    1st place Chicken, Ruhrpott BBQ
    2nd place Chicken, 2nd BBQ Society Cook-Off
    3rd place Ribs, 2nd BBQ Society Cook Off

  • 2015

    9 contests

    Grand Champion, 2nd Ruhrpott BBQ 2015
    2nd place Chicken, Bohemian Bluegrass & BBQ
    1st place Pork, 3rd Annual BBQ Society Cook Off
    3rd place Pork, 2nd Ruhrpott BBQ 2015
    3rd place Pork, Regahfest
    2nd place Brisket, Bohemian Bluesgrass & BBQ
    3rd place Brisket, Delft Beer & BBQ Fest

  • 2016

    13 contests

    Grand Champion, W.E.S.T. Winter Extreme South Tyrol 2016
    Reserve Grand Champion, Bohemian BBQ
    Reserve Grand Champion, Black Forrest Smoke & Wine Festival
    3rd place Overall, Farm Meat
    2nd place Chicken, Meat the East
    2nd place Chicken, Bohemian BBQ
    3rd place Chicken, Smoke in the North
    2nd place Ribs, 3rd Ruhrpott BBQ 2016
    1st place Pork, W.E.S.T. Winter Extreme South Tyrol 2016
    2nd place Brisket, Bohemian BBQ
    3rd place Brisket, Black Forrest Smoke & Wine Festival
    3rd place Brisket, Farm Meat

  • 2017

    14 contests

    Grand Champion, Beer, Fries & BBQ IV
    Grand Champion, Farm Meat “De Vaartse Hoeve” BBQ
    3rd place Overall, 2nd Black Forest Smoke & Wine Festival
    1st place Chicken, Tony Stone Low & Slow BBQ Competition
    2nd place Chicken, 2nd Black Forest Smoke & Wine Festival
    2nd place Chicken, Farm Meat “De Vaartse Hoeve” BBQ
    3rd place Chicken, Beer, Fries & BBQ IV
    2nd place Ribs, Beer, Fries & BBQ IV
    3rd place Ribs, Brew N Q (Invitational)
    1st place Brisket, EUregio Barbeque Festival
    1st place Brisket, Farm Meat “De Vaartse Hoeve” BBQ
    2nd place Brisket, Cook-in Camague

  • 2018

    20 contests

    Reserve Grand Champion, Springbreak BBQ Contest
    Reserve Grand Champion, Meat the East
    Reserve Grand Champion, Brew N Q open contest
    Reserve Grand Champion, Bataille sur la Sorgue
    1st place Ribs, Springbreak BBQ Contest
    2nd place Brisket, Eastern BBQ Contest
    2nd place Brisket, Tony Stone
    1st place Ribs, Brew N Q (Invitational)
    3rd place Chicken, Brew N Q open contest
    1st place Brisket, Fire & Meat
    2nd place Pork, Prime Uve Invitational
    1st place Pork, Black Forest Smoke & Wine Festival
    2nd place Brisket, Wild West Fest Slovenia
    1st place Chicken, EUregio BBQ festival
    3rd place Pork, Vaartse Hoeve
    1st place Chicken, Bataille sur la Sorgue
    1st place Pork, Bataille sur la Sorgue

  • 2019

    18 contests

    Grand Champion, Springbreak BBQ Contest
    Reserve Grand Champion, Brew n Q Open
    Reserve Grand Champion, Black Forest Smoke & Wine Festival
    Grand Champion, BBQ van het Waasland
    Grand Champion, Beer Fries BBQ Winter Edition
    2nd place Ribs, Springbreak BBQ Contest
    1st place Chicken, Eastern BBQ Contest
    1st place Ribs, Greekfire BBQ Festival
    3rd place Pork, Greekfire BBQ Festival
    2nd place Chicken, Beer Fries & BBQ
    3rd place Pork, Brew n Q Invitational
    1st place Brisket, Brew n Q Open
    3rd place Ribs, BBQ an der Burg
    2nd place Pork, EUregio BBQ festival
    2nd place Ribs, Suydersee BBQ Contest
    2nd place Chicken, Farm Meat
    2nd place Pork (180), American Royal Invitational
    3rd place Chicken, BBQ van het Waasland
    1st place Brisket, BBQ van het Waasland
    1st place Chicken, Beer Fries BBQ Winter Edition

  • 2020

    4 contest

    European BBQ Champion (TOY Region Winner)
    European Champion Chicken (TOY Region Winner)
    European Champion Ribs (TOY Region Winner)
    European Champion Pork (TOY Region Winner)
    European Champion Brisket (TOY Region Winner)

    Grand Champion Vienna BBQ Days day 1
    Reserve Grand Champion Vienna BBQ Days day 2
    Grand Champion BBQ Contest Vaartse Hoeve
    Grand Champion Bier & BBQ Salzburg
    2nd place Chicken, Vienna BBQ Days day 1
    1st place Ribs, Vienna BBQ Days day 1
    2nd place Pork, Vienna BBQ Days day 1
    2nd place Brisket, Vienna BBQ Days day 1
    2nd place Pork, Vienna BBQ Days day 2
    1st place Brisket, BBQ Contest Vaartse Hoeve
    2nd place Chicken, Bier & BBQ Salzburg
    1st place Ribs, Bier & BBQ Salzburg
    2nd place Brisket, Bier & BBQ Salzburg

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After years of developing, testing and tweaking we have developed our own flavour profile. These seasonings and sauce have brought us dozens of trophies in Europe and the US. Our goal is to give you a taste of competition barbecue in your own backyard! That’s why our seasonings and sauce is commercially available.


We are extremely proud our ‘Southern Dutch BBQ – A Touch of Sweet’ has won the American Royal World Series of Barbecue 2018 rub contest in Kansas City. Between all the heavy weight, well known rubs, we have become the winner in the category ‘mild’


A Touch of Sweet

2018 American Royal Rub Contest Winner category ‘Mild’

A Sweet rub with a full body and a tiny kick of black pepper in the end!

1 lbs / 454 gram

Finishing Dust

Enhance your finished product with an edge of umami! Sprinkle on your product like you put salt on your fries! Don’t overpower it.

2 oz / 70 gram

A Pinch of Heat

A Savory rub with a nice kick due to a beautiful blend of white, black and cayenne pepper

1 lbs / 454 gram

This is IT

Our first rub from our premium line. The best ingredients from all over the world are combined in this all purpose rub. Sweetness, Savory and fruity tones with a mild heat!

9.7 oz / 275 gram

Original Barbecue Sauce

A Kansas City style barbecue sauce. A sticky sweet, perfectly savory, delicious tangy  barbecue sauce which will fit perfectly on almost all types of carbs and proteins


A Touch of Sweet large

2018 American Royal Rub Contest Winner category ‘Mild’

The same, but just more! For the real addicted pitmasters, caterers and all who want to work with this beauty!

14,33 lbs / 6,5 kg

A Pinch of Heat large

The same, but just more! For the real addicted pitmasters, caterers and all who want to work with this beauty!

14,33 lbs / 6,5 kg


1 week ago

Southern Dutch BBQ
The new book Lowlands BBQ by Jord Althuizen of Smokey Goodness is out! It's an amazing book with awesome recipes and a lot of great information about barbecue in the Netherlands and Belgium. It's almost an encyclopedia with info about the best bbq restaurants, bbq stores, butchers, and much much more!We are very proud we could contribute to this book by giving some great tips and idea's for everyone who is in or wants to get in to competition barbecue. This awesome picture is made by Remko Kraaijeveld, what an amazing artist he is! Thanks guys for the opportunity!Enough said for now. Go and run to your local book or barbecue store and grab that book! ... See MoreSee Less
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2 weeks ago

Southern Dutch BBQ
This Sunday Jord Althuizen and his team from Smokey Goodness are releasing their newest book called Lowlands BBQ. The release will be streamed during a live event and we are pretty sure this is going to be amazing. And the best part: you can win some awesome prizes as well!Tune in this Sunday staring 8pm via PS: Check out the link to order an amazing BBQ box to eat during the event or pre-order the book!It’s no secret that we’re fans of sauces and rubs. And there’s nothing more we like to do than share some of our favorites with fans! 🔥 During our LIVE Show this Sunday, April 25th, for the launch of Lowlands BBQ we’re gonna be handing out prizes from our fiery friends at Tabasco and Southern Dutch BBQ ! Not just handing out, you’re gonna have to do some work and win the quiz. A little healthy competition is always fun, right? For more Live Show details visit our website: ... See MoreSee Less
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We love to talk about barbecue and show people how to enhance their skills. We offer different kinds of barbecue workshops and classes, from beginner to competitor and everything in between. Please see our agenda for planned classed and workshops.

We are currently not offering private workshops or classes. 

KCBS style Competition Cooking Class

29 May 2021 - 14:00 - Dutch Bros Smokers, IJmuiden

Our Full KCBS 2 day Cooking Class. We will tell you all our secrets and recipes for some award winning meat. Sign up now! ONLY CLASS IN 2021!

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Yes, we do barbecue catering. If you want genuine, award winning American Barbecue on your party, stop looking and send us a message! Pulled Pork, Beef Brisket, Smoked Sausages, Steaks or Hot Smoked Salmon are just a few examples of what we can offer you. All made with passion and love.

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